Personal Responsibility

Kambo is a powerful healing modality and intelligent medicine that demands respect and effort from the client in order to get the full spectrum of benefits. This means the there are certain healthy steps one must take before sitting with the frog.

First of all, you want your health, body, mind, and spirit, to be a priority. Your most powerful tool in ceremony is intention. As practitioners, we are trained to take you to the root of your intention, but spending the weeks before ceremony sitting with your intention and journaling about it, will help you get to the roots you need to purge.

For 3 - 7 days before your sit

🐸Give your digestive system a rest and eat clean. Avoid meat and dairy, as well as fried and spicy foods.

🐸Stay hydrated, while avoiding processed sugars and carbonation. No alcohol or caffeine.

🐸Stop all medications from street drugs to sleeping aids. (Please be honest about what substances you are using. No judgement.)

🐸Do not expend your energy on toxic situations, media, and sexual activity.