Experience the deep healing power of Kambô

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

~ Hippocrates

We exist in a medical system that treats symptoms instead of getting to the root of the dis-ease, often times with medication that makes us worse. It has been very well documented that the system is set up to keep us sick, with slivers of hope that we'll get better, as long as we keep pouring money into the system. Natural medicines like Kambô can help you get out of that system, by ripping off the band-aid that western medicine put on your wound, and not only healing your wound, but healing the problem that caused your wound.

Kambô is for those who want to heal, and have realized that western medicine isn't solving the problem.

What is Kambô?

Kambô is the poisonous secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor, or giant monkey frog, and is a powerful medicine that has been used by tribes in Peru and Brazil for hundreds of years. For the last couple decades Kambô has found its way into western societies to successfully help with addiction and depression, the heaviness that the tribes refer to as panema, a negative entity or bad spirit believed to manifest physical sickness, and well as a lack of luck or prowess in the hunt.

Before We Sit With the Medicine

Our process begins with a consultation to understand the goals and intentions of your current spiritual and healing journey, as well as an in depth inquiry into medical history and contraindications. We are actually quite selective about who we work with. Having personally collected the medicine from this gentle and trusting amphibian, I am fully aware of what they go through to share their power with us, and I believe that we should be worthy of their sacrifice, which means doing the work, in the right way, for the right reasons. If we decide that you are a worthy and safe fit for this medicine, we then provide a safe and supportive environment for your Sapo experience, with a heavy focus on intention setting, followed by integration support to help you continue your healing journey.

Ivan has trained with Sapo here in the States with an amazing teacher who lived with the Matsés for the better part of a decade, as well as in the Peruvian Amazon, and has sat with the Matsés and Shipibo Medicines at their source, deep in the jungle. He is a CKPI certified advanced practitioner, trained in Matsés tradition, which respects using only one medicine at a time, to truly connect with the spirit of the medicine.

Kate is an herbalist, creator of Maya Medicinals, and a student of movement and alternative medicine, as well as an amazing partner and mom, who often assists me in my sits, bringing her insight and healing energy along with me.

We all heal together.

About us

Our current whereabouts should be posted here, but don't be afraid to contact us if we appear to be nowhere near you. We travel a lot, and there is a chance that if we aren't coming to your area soon, someone in our practitioner network will be.

Sanamos Juntos

Please feel welcome to reach out to Ivan and Kate with any questions or concerns about Kambo, from scheduling a sit, to how Kambo can help you on your healing journey.