What To Expect With Kambô

Personal Responsibility

Kambo is a powerful healing modality and intelligent medicine that demands respect and effort from the client in order to get the full spectrum of benefits. This means the there are certain healthy steps one must take before sitting with the frog.

First of all, you want your health, body, mind, and spirit, to be a priority. Your most powerful tool in ceremony is intention. As practitioners, we are trained to take you to the root of your intention, but spending the weeks before ceremony sitting with your intention and journaling about it, will help you get to the roots you need to purge.

"I went into this experience with no expectations. All I knew was from following Ivan on Instagram. I didn't want to have my expectations influence my experience. When Ivan got there we talked for almost 2 hours. We went into what it was I wanted to release from my life. When I came up with an answer, Ivan encouraged me to go deeper. We spent most of our time talking to really get to the root of what I needed to heal. Ivan was supportive, encouraging, gentle, empathic, and intuitive. I felt comfortable to open up and really explore a part of me that I haven't wanted to see.

Ivan started the ceremony with grace and confidence. Once we started with the frog I started a meditation. It took, what I thought was a few minutes to feel the affects, but I realized when it was over that time wasn't what I thought it was. I began to feel my heartbeat and the tightness in my throat. Panic started to set in. That is when I told myself, I am fine, my body is having an experience, let it ride, don't fight it, just observe. I saw myself sitting in the spot but I was in the other side of the room. I saw myself as a little girl. Innocent, pure, joy and I felt so much unconditional love for her. Then Ivan began to talk to me and I came back. I vomited for a bit, but it wasn't unpleasant like being sick. The rest of the day I felt a little weak, but more like I was a snow globe that had been shaken up. I slept deep that night and when I woke up I felt like there was more space in my head, like the doubt, and insecurities had been released and there was more room for positive feelings.

Ivan checked in on me a few times in the coming days and we continued to talk of my experience and how I was feeling. I never felt alone.

Thank you Ivan for such a beautiful experience."

~ Leia, 35, radiologic technologist

The Week Before Your Sit

🐸Give your digestive system a rest and eat clean. Avoid meat and dairy, as well as fried and spicy foods. Your body needs to be fully nourished.

🐸Your body needs to be hydrated, while avoiding processed sugars and carbonation. No alcohol or caffeine.

🐸Stop all medications from street drugs to sleeping aids. (Please be honest about what substances you are using. No judgement. We need to know so we can keep you safe)

🐸Do not expend your energy on toxic situations, media, and sexual activity. Sit with all your energy and intention.

"I had quite an intense experience when I sat Kambo with Ivan. He was able to provide me with a sacred and safe space to really get into the work that I was asking for. He was very attentive, provided amazing communication prior to the serving and walked closely with me through the entire ceremony. I’m so thankful for the service he is providing and his level of dedication."

~ Juls, 47, Property Manager / Artist

Life and Breath

What to expect while sitting with the medicine

Almost immediately after the medicine is applied, you will feel a rush of heat throughout your body, settling in your head, as your heart will to race as your blood pressure shoots up. This usually only lasts for a couple minutes until the peptides start doing their work and your blood pressure drops. It is easy to panic at this point, but know that you are safe and breathe through it, focusing on your intention.

When your blood pressure drops is where a lot of people will pass out. This is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. Personally, I have low blood pressure, which is a good thing, but I tend to drift off. We are rigorously trained to keep you perfectly safe while you are on your journey.

The peptides will also contract your stomach muscles, making you feel like you need to purge. This is happening because the peptides in your blood are collecting anything in your body that doesn't belong there and sending it all to your stomach and intestines, or out through your pores. If you don't sweat out the toxins, or purge in various other ways, it will be purged up or down at some point. A lot of souls end up in the bathroom during their sit. The top purge is not like what you would normally experience with being sick. It is relieving. It is like getting decades worth of trauma and tension out of your body. When you truly surrender to the medicine, and allow the purge to come, there will be an amazing sense of relief, like it is changing the make-up of your body, mind, and soul (which it is).

On the other end, everything is beautiful. You may experience a light headache, which is easily fixable by hydrating, and water, especially coconut water, never tastes so good as in the Kambô afterglow/ Some people experience fatigue, especially if it was a deep purge. A little nap after a sit feels amazing, and is usually accompanied by some pretty epic ad revealing dreams. Some people have a huge burst of energy following a sit, like what they purged was exactly what has been holding them back. Either way, it is not best to make any significant plans the day of or after your sit, and the purer you eat and drink the better it will feel.

I have sat in ceremony with Ivan multiple times. I can say I have watched his methods and evolution to embodiment of the spirit of medicine. He truly is present during discovery and helps to peel the layers of the onion in order to get to the root intention. He is present during the whole process. He follows up with his clients and is available for integration as needed. I must also say he shows the skill of a sushi chef in the preparation of the medicine. He shows a great deal of care in preparation and administration. He truly believes in the craft of healing and the struggle we all face with our Egos. Easy to talk to and isn't hesitant to validate and relate to you on your healing journey. He embodies a true sense of humility.

~ Albert Coburn, fellow lightworker and healing journeyman.